Monday, July 11, 2011

Look What I Did Today...

Mosiac Birdbath

I woke up feeling crafty!
I've had the supplies to do this for a couple of weeks and today was finally the day I felt like doing it.
I'm one of those crafters that if I'm not feeling won't be cute.  Anyway, I love to mosaic it's fun and relaxing to fit the pieces together.  

Start with two clay pots and a saucer and lots and lots of mosiac pieces.  I have stained glass, rocks, ceramic tiles, ceramic pieces, glass name it.  Now, this is not a cheap project, these baubles can add up quickly.  I try to hit Hobby Lobby when they are on sale.  Also, you need a chalking gun and silicone chalk.

Squirt the chalk on...and stick in the baubles!
That simple!

Squirt it on with your gun.

Smear it around with an old paint brush.  Kinda thick.

After the two clay pots are done...glue them together.

Glue the saucer to the top.  Notice I did the edge of the saucer and I left the clay rounded edge.  I also did the inside.   Notice the little ceramic butterfly I glued on as an accent...cuteness! 

And there you have mosiac birdbath. Take no notice of the dried up daylilies.  Pitiful! 

While I had out the mess I decided to make a couple of yard decorations.  I had these wooden crosses in my craft junk, so I had this brainstorm and bought a couple of dowels at Lowe's.  I stained them first and then squirted the chalk and squished in the stones.

Glued on the dowel with the chalk.  What do ya think? 

I just love all the bright colors out in the sunlight!  I snagged this old ball of rusty wire from Scott and added for a rustic look.

You also have to seal them with spray acyrlic sealer stuff. 
Speaking of Scott...he says, "no more yard art."
Party pooper!


  1. Amazing!! Zandra, you are a force of nature! I've been wanting to try making mosaics - you have once again inspired me!! I love that cross with the wire - would be a great etsy seller I think!

    Hugs & Blessings,