Friday, April 29, 2011

Let the Monogramming Begin....

Yes, let the monogramming begin!  Scott finally let me buy an embroidery machine!   I did my research and decided on the brand and type I wanted.  Rachel and I went to the shop in Baton Rouge and I listened to the sales lady tell me all about getting started...I thought...lady, really, do you know me?  I grew up in a fabric shop I don't need to practice...this is going to come easy to me...WELL, let me tell's NOT as easy as you think!  I had my dear friend and mentor come over to get me started and I've been practicing ever since..on burp, Lily will have lots and lots of burp cloths because they are so cheap and believe me you do need to practice!  I don't think Lily will mind if some are crooked and if there's a hole cut in one....this is some of my best work so far....

Turquoise and brown with lots of dots!

This was my first...and I love the ric rack that matched perfectly.

This is my the little face and this's called "Raven".  I can't wait to do her in purple and gold for Lily's first game day outfit!

Gettin' fancy...and don't you love the zebra ribbon?

Embellishing to me is so much fun...I can spend more time deciding on ribbon trim than embroidering!

A tad crooked...

Must train her young to love leopard like her GrandZee...

Going to make her an outfit so I can make a hairbow like it!

I am working on onesies and learning applique now...more to follow!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Creations for Lily

I covered some large letters with scrapbook paper, added some cute felt birds, tulle bows to hang on the nursery wall.

This is actually three canvases that will hang over Lily's crib.  Little fat birds perched on branches.  I didn't take a picture of the finished product, but they turned out super cute.  I'll snap a picture of them hanging on the wall.

I found this cute cross at Hobby Lobby that matched Lily's room.  I loved the verse, so I wanted it to really be special.  I painted a frame dark chocolate brown and put white dots.  Added "Lily" in the colors of the nursery..each letters is polka dotted.  Then I glued the cross to lime dotted paper that I modpodged to the board inside the frame.  Super cute!

I am know working on to follow...I must's not easy and I've made plenty of boo-boos..Lily won't mind wearing some crooked onesies....anyway....later.