Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Doodlebug Designs for my Doodlebug

Here are a few outfits for Lily...

Lily's two months old! 

Turned two months in, white, and blue!

She's my little Doodlebug!

I needed somewhere to stick this cute little bug!

How cute is that?

My first dress to sew for Lily.  I love polka dots!  Hope Lily does too!

Bloomers to match!

A bib cloth to match...thought the Eiffel Tower would be appropriate for this outfit... Lily's mommy just love all things French.

Let's call it the "Ooh La Lily" collection!

Lily starts "school" on Monday...she's in the Strawberry room at her school.  Of course, I want her teacher's to know she has school they won't forget her name on the first day of school.
The picture didn't turn out so's black gingham with red pin dot. 

My first attempt at "ruffle butts"...not too bad.  I used my new serger to create the rolled hems and them gathered them on my machine.  Super easy to add to the butt.  Can't want to see Miss Lily's hinny in these!

A burp cloth to match...not too happy with the lettering...not sure what is going on with my machine.  I'm not sure the software supports these fonts I have...they look funny.  Going to check into it.

Another little outfit....super easy and it was super cute on Lily.  It's a halter top dress and bloomers.  My first bloomers...quite simple!  I made shaggy roses to embellish the top, a hair clip and....

her butt! 

Going to Baton Rouge one last time before school starts for a little back to school shopping.  I love to take Lily prizes when I go down.  This time I am taking her shoes...getting her ready for football season!  I'm working on some LSU outfits for these.

I think these are about the cutest things EVER!  Cowboys boots!  I will be making some super cute outfits for these too!

Take care everyone...see you soon!


  1. Miss Lily will be the Best dressed baby in her class!:) I just love all the coordinates you make for her!!

  2. Everything is just adorable! Lily is a lucky "Doodlebug".

  3. Just found your inspiring! Keep up the beautiful work!!! -Lacey