Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anniversary gift for Rachel and Chris

I wanted to make Chris and Rachel a prize for their anniversary.  They like to entertain and have Fiestaware in all the bright colors.  She also had seen the cake carrier I made Melissa, but she wanted a cupcake carrier.  This is what I came up with...

1.  A trip to Hobby Lobby for supplies...galvanized buckets

A small bucket for utensils, napkins, popcorn, or whatever...

A beverage bucket personilized with an "H" for the Henry's...but wait, this isn't the cutest part...

Chalkboard paint painted on...now you can write anything for any occasion...I added "Happy Anniversay" before I presented it to them,..

I used my Cricut to cut lots of dots in different sizes and in all the colors of Rach's dishes plus a few other popular colors...red, cobalt, purple, yellow gold, lime, peacock, hot pink, tangerine,  

Here's the cupcake carrier...same dots, same "H"...I embellished all three gifts with lots of ribbons knotted on the handles for added cuteness.  I love to mix patterns...dots, stripes, checks.

This is the top...."Happy Everything!"  Rachel will be the cutest mom bringing cupcakes to school for Lly's friends and teachers...and if you have ever seen Rach's cupcakes...they are cuter than the carrier!
Lily's a lucky little girlie!

Happy Anniversay Rachel and Chris!