Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!

A wreath of polymesh for the front door.  I embellished with a few stars and a little sign that says
"God Bless America"

Just got a request on how to make's a roll of polymesh and a Christmas wreath.  Now, at Nichol's they sell colored wreaths to make these with...this one is red instead of green.  They have all colors.  You just use the branches of the wreath as wire and wire the polymesh on then make loops back and forth wiring along the way with the branches of the wreath.  Then you embellish with whatever occasion it is.  I will blog with pics the next one I make...ah..Halloween?
Keep stalking!

Gracie sportin' her star spangled collar.

Mr. Pig was a gift from a dear friend and I just love him!  His face tells it all! 
Getting ready for a treat!

No summer celebration is ever complete in our house without homemade ice cream!
It's been a tradition all my life....gotta keep those kind of traditions going!
Of course, in the old days we hand cranked our ice cream. 

Yummy!  I decided on something different this time...Lemon!
It was my dad's favorite...very unique tasting and refreshing!

PawPaw's Homemade Ice Cream

2-3 eggs
3 cups sugar
2 cans evaporated milk
1T flavoring

Beat eggs and add sugar.  Pour in cans of evaporated milk.  Add flavoring.  Pour into container and fill with milk to the fill line.
Taste!  Make sure you have enough flavoring for your tastebuds.  I usually add more depending on the flavor you are making.
Freeze as directed for your ice cream freezer.

Love this fleu de lis flag I found at Nichol's!
My little pickett fence Scott made me.  I like to decorate it for the seasons.

Hope your 4th of July brings you happy times with family and friends celebrating the birth of
our nation!  Let us never forget the Christian principles that our founding fathers instilled into
a new nation...One Nation, UNDER God!  

God Bless the USA and God Bless You!
Happy 4th!

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  1. Love your wreath! And love Gracie Lou's bow collar!