Monday, March 7, 2011

Cuteness for Lily

As most of you know I'm going to become a GranZee in May.   I have been busy making a quilt for my soon-to-be granddaughter, Lillian Mae Henry...Lily for short.  I had A LOT of fabric scraps left over and wanting to be green (cough cough) I pondered an idea for a use for the scraps.  Here's the results...


Left over scraps cut into strips about 9" long tied on a metal ring to make a rag wreath...

Now, I have always been a ribbon addict...I love the colors, textures, and patterns for ribbons.  I picked these up at Hobby Lobby on a 1/2 price ribbon sale in all the colors Rachel and Chris picked out for Lily's room...turquoise, lime, hot pink, and brown. 


Now, speaking of adding texture to a project....TUELLE!   You just gotta love just screams, "It's a Girl!"
Don't you agree?

I tied and knotted...knotted and and tied...tied and knotted...for hours!

Time to favorite part!  Now, crafting is fun...but the best part to me is the finishing touches.  I have always loved to embellish things.  I found these little birds at Hobby Lobby (course!) on the 1/2 off Valentine aisle.  Knowing Lily's nursery theme is going to be birds I snatched up a couple of packs!

And there you go...!   Cute huh?  I thought it was so cute that Rachel might want to use it as her hospital wreath, so I had some letters that I had painted for another project (you'll see it soon) and I put them on temporarily to see what Rachel thinks....


The finished project! 
Can't wait to see what Rachel and Chris think.