Friday, June 29, 2012

There's just so much to tell you....but...

 My little shabby chic flower bed that Scott made me.  The fence and bricks are from my old house.  The little tractor Scott found in the woods.  I made the bird bath!
 A close up of my makes me so happy!
 One of my "finds" on a junkin' excursion...$5 for both chairs.  They are very shabby chic and I added the cushions from Wally World...very comfy spot close to my shabby chic garden.
 This is a "pinterest" idea I found and incorporated into my herb garden by my barn.  These are old buckets Scott and I found in the woods plus some old buckets of my Dads.  I actually planted the seeds a while back and then I also added little broken pieces of a clay pot as herb markers (another Pinterest idea).

Thyme...I have others too..oregano, basil, sage, rosemary, balm

 Scott's sunflowers..they are so pretty!
 Another treasure I bought from the same person selling the chairs....this was $35.  I recently took it to a friend's to decorate for a very shabby chic rustic was the sign in table.  Another friend wanted to buy it from me...she offered me $ I said!
 I love little cute areas by gates or doors...cute little nooks...the G painted on tin was from a friend...the bumblebee from a student.
 When I went to Canton I bought a plethora of junk to add to birdhouses and's one birdhouse I embellished...
 and another.  There is one other one on the top of the fence in my shabby chic garden.
 When Lily came to GranZee's we painted this pot for mommy.  "You are my Sunshine" is her favorite night time song.  What Louisiana girl hasn't grown up having that sung to her at night? 
 I needed a work bench/potting bench and saw one on Pinterest.  Showed it to Scott and this is what he made me...I love it!  So glad my hubby is crafty like me!
Three little birdhouse I painted for my yard...can you tell I love Mary Engelbreit?
 Two crosses I made for my entry way...I have to spray them with sealer and then add to my wall.
 This is another Pinterest project...this time it's for Sarah.  It's going to be a night stand!
Another view.

Well, that's some of the stuff I have been working on this summer.  I am working on my thesis for my Master's program, so I don't have a lot of time.  I have so much to blog and to catch up on...this is just a sampling of the projects that Scott and I have been doing. 

Miss everyone!  Happy Summer!


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