Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trash to Treasure

One of the things I love to do is look for treasures at garage sales or flea markets.  I found this little table several years ago at a garage table for $3.  I painted it white and it sat in front of my porch swing for year at my old house.  It was a great place to sit a book or glass of sweet tea or lemonade as you would swing.  When I remarried and moved and I didn't have a place for it so it sat in a barn until I had a vision! Yes, I get visions...

I decided to mosiac the top.   I've been working on my front porch which has a fleus de lis flair so I had this tile I found at Hobby Lobby and I glued it in the middle.  I use Dap Acrylic Latex Caulk Silicone in the almond color.  I used TONS of stain glass, river rocks, glass pebbles, and tiles all from ...where else...Hobby Lobby.  I used a mixtures of greens, golds, beiges, blacks, and reds.  I worked from the middle out just squirting the silicone and squishing in the stones and tiles.

It ended up taking more supplies than I thought, so I stopped at this point and headed to Hobby Lobby.

When doing large areas it's cheaper to buy large sheets of stain glass and breaking it up with a little hammer.  I also break the small squares into small chunks to fill in tiny spaces.  It's so much fun to mosaic....and I don't like puzzles...but I do like finding just the right piece to fit.

Finished product and I love it!

This table again sits in front of my porch swing.  I put a wrought iron candle accent.  Scott and I sit outside all the time and's so peaceful and relaxing.  I really think this $3 was well spent!
Trash to treasure!