Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Adventures of Scott, Gracie, and Four Red Firetrucks"

Scott really enjoys working in the yard.  Today he has raked and burned our leaves.
And now...the rest of the story.....

Raking and burning...

Scott to Gracie..."I think this is getting a little out of hand..."

The fire began to spread to our neighbor's yard...I imagine Ms. Stella's gonna pull Scott's ear!

So, Scott called in some red firetruck...

two red firetrucks...
three red firetrucks...

Standing around and talking about the fire...thank goodness for Trevor...he was looking outside and said, "Hey Ms. Zee, why's our grass on fire?"  Ms Zee to Trevor, "I don't know."  So, Trevor grabbed some shoes and a rake and went to help. 

four red firetrucks....kinda reminded me of a Leesville parade...they really must not get many calls. 

P.S.  Scott to  Zandra, "Well, I'm glad I got the yard fertilized."  Zandra to Scott, "Really, when did you do that?"  Scott to Zandra, "When I let the fire burn the grass."  Zandra to Scott "Ya right!"

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Amazed Myself with this One!

I truly amazed myself with this one!  So simple, so stinkin' cute, and SO delicious!  I must first confess that I stole this creative idea from a friend. Thanks Karen for the fabulous idea!

Caramel Sauce
Eagle Brand Condensed Milk ...your only ingredient.  Cover with water and boil for 2-3 hours.  I checked back every 20 minutes or so to make sure the cans were covered in water.  I boiled mine 3 hours.  I found out that the longer you boil it...the thicker the sauce.  So, 2 hours for a pourable sauce and 3 hours for a dipping sauce.

I used black and white polka dot paper to cover the can and printed a label.
"From the Kitchen of...Zandra Grady"
I added a Valentine clipart this time.
Valentine's Day 2011

Wrapped up and ready to give with an apple to my BFFs!  I took them to my friends still warm with a big fat juicy apple!  
Scott and I decided we better taste it before I gave them as gifts...oh boy!

I can tell you that the BFFs were impressed!  It truly was the simpliest thing I've done in a long time with such wonderful results!   I plan on taking some to school tomorrow for my principal and vice principal as Valentine gifts.  Gotta keep the bosses buttered up ya know!  Well, that's it for this blog...I really have to thank Karen for all her wonderful ideas!  Blogging is a great way to share creative ideas with friends..LOVE it!

Love to all on Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Long Time No Blog...

Yes, it's been a while.  Either my life is boring and I have nothing to blog about OR I've been very busy.  So, if you know know I'm NOT boring..right?  So, here's a few tidbits on the last month....

Dear Sweet Cindy was my Secret Pal for the past year in Pink Flamingos! 

Extra!  Extra!  Read All About It!  Producing a school newspaper...LJHS Keeping Track of the Wampus Cats! 
I won a grant back in December from the Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children.  This is the presentation board I had to create and I went to Lafayette to receive the $$.  I won $500 for the technology to produce a school newspaper.  I teach gifted 7th and 8th graders and the board shows pictures of them hard at work on the newspaper.  The paper went on sale February 1...we sold 150 copies so far.  The kids are amazing and I'm so proud of them.

This is Mike Artell in MY classroom working with my 7th grade gifted class.  What???  You don't know who that is???
Well, he is the author of "The Three Little Cajun Pigs"  "Petite Rouge" and "Jacques and the Beanstalk"

Drawing a cartoon for our school newpaper!  I'm going to have it framed for my classroom!

Talking to my students about thinking outside the box!  Oh boy!  Do we do that on a daily basis!
Gotta love the gifted!

My daughter, Rachel, and husband Chris...and baby girl Henry!

Hey Baby Girl Henry....Lily??

Sarah bought me a giant cupcake maker!  Whoot Whoot!
I made a birthday cake for cute...don't know what happened to the pictures!  Boo!

Cuteness with a capital C!
I made this cute creation with my Cricut!  My bestie saw one back in October at a craft show and said, Friend, make me one.
SO, I did!  One for her...and one for me!

Z for Zandra!

M for Melissa!

See, I told you I wasn't boring...just busy!